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Recently my mom asked me to help with the design of a bunk room for her grandchildren. It has been such a fun project. It seems all children’s eyes light up when they see bunk beds. It is like sleeping in a boat, spaceship, or secret fort. Adventure and fun are sure to happen with your bed is a bunk…


Bunks are great for a lot of different reasons. The obvious being – space. You can definitely have everyone home for the holidays if you put all the kids together in one room. Makes sleeping a lot nicer for the adults as well when your child is not snoozing in the bathtub or closet next to you.

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Since bunks are great space savers they are great for so many different places… a summer home, log cabin, grandparents or when you have 5 children under one roof.

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I was one of those lucky kids who had a bunk bed. I shared it with my younger brother. I was a bit of a scaredy cat and took the bottom. It was perfect for me, cozy and safe.


The bunks above would be perfect for a mountain home. I love the rustic wood material and ladder placement. The beautiful detailing on the railing makes me think of a Swiss chalet.


The two sets of bunks above and below would be great for a summer beach house. Bring all the kids and stay for the weekend.

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Whether it is bunking up with camp buddies in the summer or cousins on a holiday or sharing it with a sibling in a room, these beds are fun and quite practical.